EquityICO Business Summit

October 19-20, 2018
Zermatt Resort, Midway, Utah


Join us at EquityICO, the premier event for blockchain, crypto, and finance minds to make personal connections, start new collaborations, and execute business.

2018 brought many challenges and saw a staggering decline in the total value of the cryptocurrency market. Many are saying blockchain is dead...we believe this is just another beginning. After the crash, removed from the hype and headlines; entrepreneurs, technologists, tinkerers, developers and other professionals have remained undeterred, focused, overcoming adversity, working tirelessly towards a vision: building the future block by block, one day at a time. Come be inspired, help build the next generation and be a part of a fascinating history that is still being written.


Keynote Speakers

Brock Pierce headlines the event with the saturday keynote with his unparalleled combination of success, perspective, and vision within the blockchain space. Ken Rutkowski will open the summit with his unique perspective gained through interviews on his radio program with dozens of blockchain visionaries. Add in select VCs, Subject Matter Experts, and ICO production teams on panel discussions, and providing expert evaluations and coaching to exhibiting ICOs during private mentoring sessions, and you have the most business-centered event in blockchain.


Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with an extensive track record of founding, advising and investing in disruptive businesses. He's credited with pioneering the market for digital currency and has raised more than $5B for companies he has founded. Pierce is the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of DNA Advisors, Block.one, Tether, and Mastercoin (first ICO).


Ken Rutkowski

Ken Rutkowski is a well-known talk radio personality, an innovative leader, a tireless strategist who networks strategic business partnerships that are remaking the digital economy, a social and new media marketing guru, and a business technology futurist. Ken works with entrepreneurs, governments, and founders all over the world, discovering and revealing new trends and ideas – and how to implement them – and how to capture the minds and hearts of investors, clients, and consumers. 




Crystal Rose Pierce

Crystal is a technologist and successful entrepreneur who has founded several companies including at her current role as CEO of SENSE, a decentralized messaging protocol on the blockchain and Sensay, a Los Angeles-based artificial intelligence (A.I.) and communications platform.


Scott Walker

Scott is a legendary serial entrepreneur who began his tech career in 1995, founded multiple enterprises through 2007 culminating in multiple successful private and public exits. Walker’s focus shifted to angel investment from 2007-2011. In early 2012, Walker joined crypto legend and pioneer Brock Pierce in a crypto-mining operation and has since invested in several early stage crowd sales including Ethereum, Mastercoin (Omni), EOS, Block.one, CVC, Storj, Fun, and dozens of others. As a founding LP in Blockchain Capital, Walker is one of the most knowledgeable crypto investors in the sector.


Patrick Byrne

In late 1999, Patrick M. Byrne launched Overstock.com, which achieved its first profitable quarter in 2002 and its first full year of profitability in 2009.  With revenues of $1.75 billion in 2017, Overstock has remained profitable seven out of the last nine years.

 In 2010, Forbes magazine named Overstock.com the No. 9 Best Company to Work for in the Country, and Byrne the CEO with the highest employee approval rating (92%).  In 2011, Ernst & Young gave Byrne its National Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In 2014, Overstock.com was one of the Most Trustworthy Companies in America as named by Forbes/MSCI ESG Research.



Each ICO will present three times, twice to ICO evaluation boards, and once to the general audience. The evaluation boards will consist of a keynote-speaker chairperson and at least one person from each of the following categories: VC representative, technical representative, security representative, business development representative, tokenization representative.

Friday - the ICO will have 10 minutes to present to the first review board Chaired by VC William Quigley. Afterwards, they will be presented with a video of their presentation, and the evaluation forms from the board members.

Saturday - the ICO will have 10 minutes to present to the second review board chaired by Brock Pierce. Afterwards they will be presented with a video of their presentation, and the evaluation forms from the board members.

Saturday afternoon - the ICO will then have 10 minutes to present to the general audience in the main hall. 




Zermatt Resort, near Park City, Utah

Step away from the day-to-day into a business-focused environment, where experts in the business, technology, legal, regulatory, and capitalization of the crypto environment come together to build business relationships and move beyond networking.

Zermatt is 45 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport (code SLC) and only 7 miles from Heber Valley Airport (Russ McDonald Field, code KHCR), which has a full Private Jet Center via OK3 Air FBO.

Thursday Evening, October 18, 2018

  • 5:00-9:00PM Pre-party and check-in


Friday, October 19, 2018

  • 7:30-8:45AM Breakfast

  • 8:45-9:00AM Opening Remarks

  • 9:00-10:00AM Keynote: Ken Rutkowski

  • 10:15-11:00AM Panel 1 Discussion: ’State of the Union’ - The Last Two Years / The Next 18 Months. With Ken Rutkowski, James Greaves (GlyphID), Stuart Bullard (Airthereum), Paul Hickey (Elevate Digital Capital)

  • 11:15AM-12:00PM Panel 2 Discussion: Security in Crypto: Avoid becoming a crypt-statistic. With Harry Curtain, Vince Romney, Drew Williams

  • 12:00 – 1:00PM Lunch

  • 1:15 – 2:00PM Panel 3 “Capital Markets Advisory Firms: ICOs / Value versus Hype” (Charles Reynolds - Tokenomix, Dane Deletti - Tall Rock, James Greaves - Glyph)

  • 2:15-3:15PM Special Guest: Crystal Rose Pierce

  • 3:30-4:30PM Special Guest: Patrick Byrne

  • 4:45-5:30PM Presentation: Tax Implications and Planning for Crypto: Jarick Poulson of Deloitte

  • 5:30-7:30PM and Networking Cocktail Hour

  • VIP Dinner 7:30-9:00PM

Saturday, October 20, 2018

  • 07:30-08:45 Breakfast

  • 08:45-09:30 Special Guest: Scott Walker

  • 09:45-10:45 Keynote: The Digital Currency Future with Brock Pierce

  • 10:45-11:15 Q&A/Open Discussion with Brock Pierce and Special Guests

  • 12:30-1:30PM Lunch

  • 1:45-5:00PM ICO Presentations



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